Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The fights are starting to look fair :D

I've been able to get most of the combat done today. I added in the blood effects for the pistol, sub and shots along with adding in ammo for the sub and shot. I've decided that the player has unlimited pistol ammo, don't ask why or how just be thankful, this was mostly to get around the difficulty of some zombies and how both attacks were needed to get past some tougher zombies healing. I fixed the exp bar at the top and the addition of the exp for the final zombie kill. I also was able to greatly improve the zombie AI along with it's stats generating around a more reasonable level. I also added a combat stats screen that shows up once all zombies have been defeated, this shows you the exp you have, still need along with the ammo and money you've found and how much you now current now have. I have just a few finishing touches like adding a finished button to the combat stats screen. I also have to clean up some of the animations and attacks.

Monday, 9 April 2012

And the fights just keep getting better

So combat is moving along at a good pace, tomorrow should really be an interesting day. I was able to fix a bug so that all the weapons work for attacking the zombies. I also fixed an issue with the zombies blood, it was going out of sight when the zombie still had a few hp left. The problem was that the blood extended far enough past the bottom of the heart, so when the hp was at 1 or 2, it was just below the mask that was hiding the blood. I just had to go in and make the blood a little smaller and move it up some.

I got the experience bar at the top working, it adds the total experience that the player is going to get during a battle, filling the syringe up as more experience is gained. When the user is finished the battle, it fills up the rest of the way and injects the experience into the heart, I still have to clean up the animation a little and make it fill up quicker. I fill up the syringe using a timer event so I just have to shorten the delay on the timer.

One of the final things I was able to get working tonight was the button for eating your foodstuffs. When pressed it checks to see if the player has any foodstuffs left and if they do it plays the eating animation, then fills up their heart and restores all of their hp. When it's clicked all the event listeners are also removed for the weapon selection, and the two selection fingers are still moved.

Lastly I added some blood effects to the zombies attacks along with the zombie students death animations, this was done with frame by frame and the onion skin. I also got the blade and blunt weapons for the player to show blood, but the guns aren't working yet.  Tomorrow I'll be aiming to add in some smoke cover for when a new chibi appears, fix up the experience bar so that it's fully working, add in place that shows your level and an animation for leveling up. If I have time I'd also like to work some on the zombie AI so that it chooses it's attacks more randomly and that it's stats are a little more reasonable.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nothing like a ruler to the face

I've been working away at the combat and have run into some very annoying problems, covering just about every part of my combat so far. However as of right now the player can start combat, a random number of zombies stumble into combat, if there is more then one it shows a chibi of the waiting zombie type. The player can select both their melee and gun, and once both choice are accepted the player does it's two attacks.

If the zombie is alive at this point the zombie then picks the attack it's going to do, or possibly even heal itself, and then plays the corresponding animation. The player can kill the zombie resulting in it's death animation and if there is a waiting chibi, it will walk forwards to take the previous zombies place. Once it gets to the right location, it stops moving, one of the three possible zombies from the chibi's zombie type is spawned and the chibi is removed. It then checks to see if there is another zombie waiting, if so it then adds another chibi and combat starts again.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on adding in the 'snack' option for players to heal themselves along with fixing the zombies healing so that it is fully effective. (See video for glitch)