Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Enemy fighters all around

For the Tower Terror I'm creating there are going to be three opponents that the player can choose to play against. They are just different versions of some of the fighters; the barbarian, the longbow and the shortsword. Each opponent will have a different playstyle when it comes building towers, one will just lay down cards as quickly as possible while another will try and wait for good combinations to show up. Another will only build two towers, however they'll keep them close to there side and try to make them as deadly as possible. These are the different opponents:

All the fighters in a tower

I've created the tower sections along with the fighters and items that can be placed inside them. Most of the towers have three different states, normal, armored and heavily armored, the only section that's different is the spiked tower which just has basic spikes and advanced spikes. The different fighters each can be placed in a tower section, and these will be used to damage the opponents towers.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bed Bugs are such a pain

I've been starting work on creating a game that is about killing and destroying bed bugs from a home. Recently I've had to create some assets to show the manager of this project in order to try and get approval. These are the assets that I've created along with a few page layouts for some screens, along with a number 0-9 that's for an infestation counter.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tower Terror

I did some work on a game I'm making about Bed Bugs today, just figuring out some details and getting conformation on the title screens layout I proposed. I also worked some on the flash game that I'm creating for a project called Tower Terror. I ended up drawing three of the fighters and the logo for the game. I have done around half of another fighter however I'm going to finish that tomorrow. For the main title screen of the Tower Terror game I'm planning on having two towers exchanging fire and a chibi like tower in the middle which is really made up the buttons for navigation.

Everything except the buttons in the middle is still rough.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All them cards :D

The cards are finished for the disasters. I might change the layout slightly before the finished game however this is good enough for now.

Disaster Strikes

Today I was able to get some work done on both the board game I'm creating as well as a flash game that I'm making for one of my other classes. For the board game I created a table that shows how many resources are gained depending on the number of groups currently at the same resource as well as the six different disasters that can occur on the island. I'm going to take the disaster's I've created and put them onto cards that show how much damage a disaster does depending on the current age that the island is on.


Lava Flow



Tidal Wave

Raining Frogs

Monday, 21 January 2013

New and old

For the board game I'm creating for class I had designed a board yesterday night however after play-testing other people's games and taking a second look at mine I decided I really needed to go over and simplify what I had. So after some sketches I came up with something that's much simpler and what I hope turns out to be better. Something that I've found out after making several games over the past year is that when you're first designing a game it's easy to add a lot of rules that you think are fun. The board then tends to evolve in order to accommodate all those rules, however when other people play the game the rules are difficult to pick up and the board can sometimes be confusing since they other have the rules to explain everything. I find if you then pick out all the key concepts that you really want, and try make the board and rules as simple as you can while still keeping those key concepts, people can have fun playing the game without being bogged down by unneeded things.

One thing that I've found helps when you're making a game is to have every rule explained in detail with an example, all labeled with a title that allows players to find the rule they're looking for clarification on easily. You should also have a quick-start set of instructions that allows players to get right into playing without having to know all the rules. Then when the players have a question about the rules they can read the ones they need to in detail.

This is the older board

This is the newer board

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Time for some survival

So I haven't gotten around to making any more cards for the triple S game, however I'm now back at school for another semester in order to get my Game Design degree. I have three major projects until April so I'll be updating this blog with the progress I'm making on those. That being said I've designed 18 cards for a board game that is one of the projects.

It's all about making sure your tribe survives the longest on a island that is prone to many natural disasters. You can build structures that grant bonuses to your tribe, however you need resources in order to build them. There are three technological ages that the island will go through, changing after a certain rounds have gone by, a round is made up of every surviving tribe going once. The ages are Wood, Stone and Metal. An example on how building things goes is if it's the Stone age, you can build anything that's Wood or Stone as long as you have the necessary resources however you can't build Metal things even if you do have the required Metal resources.

There will be places that these resources can be collected on the board by each tribes group of explorers. If they're within the general area of a resource, indicated on the board, the group gathers one of the resource however if the group is right on the resource than the group gathers five of the resource, divided by the number of groups that are on the same resource.

I'll go into more details as I'm producing the game however that's a general overview of some parts of it. Here are the building cards that can be bought with the resources:

Friday, 11 January 2013

Those cards look kinda old....

I've finished turning all the monsters I've made so far into cards. I didn't have the original files however so I had to download the pictures from this blog and go from there. I'll most likely go back and sub in the vector art later, in order to get back some of the details that were lost. However since I already have the monster position,name and stats for each card, it shouldn't take long.

Card Look

It's a new year and about time I started working on the card game again. I've been pretty busy however I'm finding some spare time right now so what better then to make some progress with this game. This is the look for the cards that I'm thinking about going with, might change the layout after I've finished all the monsters and figure out exactly how I'm going to layout the playing screen. I'm probably going to work on getting more of the monsters done up this weekend.

For the card game you use chips that are in the shape of blood drops. I've come up with two possible concepts for how they look, I'm leaning more towards the second one right now. The 'twinkle' is going to be animated and fade in/out as time goes on.