Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Enemy fighters all around

For the Tower Terror I'm creating there are going to be three opponents that the player can choose to play against. They are just different versions of some of the fighters; the barbarian, the longbow and the shortsword. Each opponent will have a different playstyle when it comes building towers, one will just lay down cards as quickly as possible while another will try and wait for good combinations to show up. Another will only build two towers, however they'll keep them close to there side and try to make them as deadly as possible. These are the different opponents:

All the fighters in a tower

I've created the tower sections along with the fighters and items that can be placed inside them. Most of the towers have three different states, normal, armored and heavily armored, the only section that's different is the spiked tower which just has basic spikes and advanced spikes. The different fighters each can be placed in a tower section, and these will be used to damage the opponents towers.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bed Bugs are such a pain

I've been starting work on creating a game that is about killing and destroying bed bugs from a home. Recently I've had to create some assets to show the manager of this project in order to try and get approval. These are the assets that I've created along with a few page layouts for some screens, along with a number 0-9 that's for an infestation counter.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tower Terror

I did some work on a game I'm making about Bed Bugs today, just figuring out some details and getting conformation on the title screens layout I proposed. I also worked some on the flash game that I'm creating for a project called Tower Terror. I ended up drawing three of the fighters and the logo for the game. I have done around half of another fighter however I'm going to finish that tomorrow. For the main title screen of the Tower Terror game I'm planning on having two towers exchanging fire and a chibi like tower in the middle which is really made up the buttons for navigation.

Everything except the buttons in the middle is still rough.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All them cards :D

The cards are finished for the disasters. I might change the layout slightly before the finished game however this is good enough for now.