Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I think you lost an arm there....

Working on combat, I have a lot of other projects on the go now so it's not going as quickly as I wanted. The zombie that appears is randomly selected however it's only currently from a list of three. A function is then called inside the enemy class that assigns all of it's stats like attack strengths, hp and lvl.
I was able to get to so that the player can scroll through the weapons they currently have, select which they want then attack. It plays the corasponding animation and the selected weapon appears in their hand. The 'blood level' in the zombies heart also goes down depending on what percent of it's maximum hp it's currently at. After the melee and gun attacks have been made it plays a function in the enemy class that; using data like it's different attack strengths, it's current hp, the players current hp and a bit of random math; chooses an attack and plays that animation for either it's ranged, melee or healing. I'll update with a video later :D

Monday, 12 March 2012

More rooms for trollin

So today I worked on allowing the player to walk around the whole map, both the math and science wing. I also set up the closet to give the person playing the zombie survival guide the first time they check it with a key. Some things that I'm going to have to clean up are the detection areas for the rooms and hallways and figure out a place to put the stats btn without covering up anything.  Tomorrow I am going to start on my combat, even though all the other quests still haven't been done yet. I want to focus on the combat this week and get that done, then I'll go and add all the quests and other people along later this week/early next week.

I had to rework two of the hallways a little bit and I still have some more work in order to clean them up. The doors and zombies in the windows for the middle upper hallways are a little too large so I'll make those smaller as well. I also have a bit of a problem with the user being able to get there person to walk on the edges of things like walls and lockers. This will just take some time cleaning up the hit detection areas so that enough space is left for the bottom of the person.

Overall I think after this week I should be mostly on track and I'll have enough time to finish the game while still being able to polish it some.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Navigation Test

I've started my navigation now, and so far the player can exit into the hallway, re-enter the room they were in and go into the classroom right beside the first one. I have different functions that I'm building that hold all the info needed to enter each room, allowing me to just call these functions when needed instead of having a lot of repeating code. I also have it set up so it checks which exit you're currently facing so there only has to be one event handler for for changing rooms with an if statement checking which exit they are facing and from which room they were exiting. I have see-through MovieClips over each room that has an event listener attached waiting for the user to click the location they want their person to walk to. I have this so that the user can't click and thus move their person outside the hallway and into the walls. I should be able to get all of my basic navigation done by early next week and then I can work on my combat for the rest of march break.:D